Visualization Tool

The visualisation tools shall facilitate the browsing of accessibility (Wheelmap) tags and provide aggregate information. Given the visible extent of the map, statistical diagrams and specific aggregate icons on the map will show, for example, the overall number of Wheelmap-tagged objects, and the overall or relative number of red (object not accessible), green (object accessible), orange (object partially accessible) and grey (object not yet evaluated) tags. One shall also be able to query these statistics for any past temporal interval. E.g., if there was a mapping event on 14 July, 2010, then one can receive the statistics of this very day. Or one may retrieve the statistics of all July, 2010, or of 2010 until present, etc.

We experienced that fetching the required data from the original OSM database is too slow in terms of a comfortable user experience. We therefore built and maintain our own copy of OSM, which only includes accessibility-relevant tags, and has been optimized for faster queries. New data of OSM are synchronized with our local database within a minute.

To login, please click on the following link and use the details provided below when prompted:
user: c4a

Screenshot from the Visualisation Tool: