Kerb Data Integrator

Mobility-impaired pedestrians, such as wheelchair users or people with walking frames or rolling walkers, have significantly different demands regarding information about their physical environment than car drivers and non-impaired pedestrians. This is due to their usually lesser physical abilities when it comes to e.g. taking one or more steps, mastering slopes up- or downwards, or driving on a narrow sidewalk. The data integration task of CAP4Access is trying to make such data available so that they can be utilized by the routing and navigation algorithms developing in the project. As a prerequisite, the data must then be integrated into the Open Source and Open Data platform OSM (Open Street Map).

The problem is that these kinds of data are usually not available, and if affirmative not available for being published as open data. Fortunately, the City of Vienna, one of the four pilot sites of CAP4Access, is a notable exception and one of the most advanced Open Data protagonists worldwide. They provide a treasure trove of data potentially relevant for our project. We have so far utilized their data set about dropped kerbs, including their heights, which cover the whole city area.

In the next step, we’ll address elevation data available for most of the United Kingdom, and London in particular. The goal is to derive slope information about streets (and sidewalks). Elevation data of similar high quality is also available for Vienna. So this could be set up as the follow-up task.